Lee Miller - The Liberation of Denmark, May 1945

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Title Lee Miller - The Liberation of Denmark, May 1945
Language English
Author Original text by Lee Miller with essays by Ami Bouhassane and Henrik Lundbak
Publisher The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg
Format / Size Paperback 27.4 x 25 x 1cm
Description For anyone who experienced the summer of liberation in Denmark 1945, it was something very special. Lee Miller was there in May and June 1945 and got to know Denmark, its people and their attitude to the Nazis. This book, produced by The National Museum of History, in Frederiksborg castle, Denmark in 2018 at the time of the first exhibition to fully explore Lee Miller's photographs taken in Denmark 1945 not only presents nearly 100 of her previuosly unseen images of the event but also her manuscripts, unedited. Accompanied by an essay on Lee Milller's stay in Denmark by her granddaughter and Co-Director of her Archives, Ami Bouhassane and an essay by Henrik Lundbak from the historians view of the Danish summer of liberation this book give an indepth view into a specfic historic period through the eyes and lens of Lee Miller.

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