Book - Annabel Moeller: Friends to Frontiers

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Title Book - Annabel Moeller: Friends to Frontiers
Language English
Author Annabel Moeller, Craig Hassal, Major General Andy Salmon, Louise Halliday, David Nott, Dr. Robert Seeley, William Oswald, Martin Beale, Philip Weir and Selina Robson
Publisher Lee Miller Archives Publishing
Format / Size 21.5 x 28.7 x 1.5cm
Description Annabel Moeller’s work spans over three decades of photography during a career which has been defined by her sense of adventure and one that has taken in an astonishingly diverse cast of characters. From the creative powerhouses of the Sydney Opera House and the London Coliseum to the war-scarred backdrops of Afghanistan and Iraq. Catwalk models, ballet dancers, opera stars exist alongside soldiers, surgeons and civilians. In a series of chapters from her carefree beginnings of film and darkrooms in the 1990’s, to the fast-paced world of the infinite digital environment. These pages vividly illustrate her desire to tell the human side of any story with humour and determination With essays by Moeller and key associates from throughout her career. Major General Andy Salmon, her commanding officer in Iraq. Philip Weir, her early mentor in Australia and Craig Hassall who commissioned her throughout her career in the opera and ballet. David Nott, vascular and trauma surgeon with whom she has travelled to areas of conflict and instability to document the work of his foundation. Publication release date: 2nd April 2023

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