Exhibition - Lee Miller and the liberation of Denmark May 1945, Museum of National History, Denmark

Photographer Lee Miller: Liberation of Denmark, May 1945 , The Museum of National History, Denmark

British solidier with the little mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark 1945 by Lee Miller
During the Second World War, American photographer Lee Miller was a correspondent for Vogue, with a past as fashion photographer in Paris in the 30's. After D-Day, she followed the conquest of the European continent by the Allied troops, including the liberation of Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps.

At the end of May 1945, Lee Miller went to Denmark and the exhibition shows her documentation of the joy of liberation. See, among other things, photos of refugees' moving return from Sweden, British soldiers' meeting with Copenhagen citizens and visits to Crown Prince Frederik IX's family at Amalienborg.

This exhibition which come from the Lee Miller Archives is almost completely previuosly unseen images by Lee Miller, which is presented with extra information provided by the historians at the Museum of National History, Denmark.  The accompanying catalogue includes Lee Miller's unedited manuscripts in relation to her assignment in Denmark.