PRESS RELEASE - Retiring - Lee Miller Archives Curator & Fine printer Carole Callow

Lee Miller Archives Estate Printer Carole Callow is hanging up her printer’s apron and the Lee Miller Archives will be closing their darkroom at Farleys.

In June 2017, Carole Callow, Curator and Estate Printer for the last 35 years for the Lee Miller Archives will not only be hanging up her apron but also leaving the Archives.
‘ During the 2000s, I worked with Carole on three Lee Miller projects - two exhibitions and a book. It would have been impossible to have embarked on any one of these without her generous collaboration and advice. Her deep knowledge of Lee’s work, much of it still as contact sheets, was an essential component in the task of identifying and selecting from the thousands of images in the Lee Miller Archives. Carole’s calm, friendly personality made this a constantly pleasurable activity.’
Richard Calvocoressi CBE, Director & senior curator - Gagosian Gallery, London, formerly director of Henry Moore Foundation (2007- 2015) & Director of Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh (1987-2007).

Carole has been the curator of the Lee Miller Archives since 1992 and since the beginning of the Archives when she joined in 1982 has played a very important role in archiving and conserving the collection. The first employee engaged by the trustees of the Lee Miller Archives to work on Lee Miller’s collection, Carole worked alongside Antony, Suzanna and Roland Penrose (Miller’s son, daughter in-law and husband) as they started to sort through the material that had been re-discovered in the attic at Farleys House in Sussex and returned by British Vogue. Initially it took nearly 10 years to archive and print the missing contact sheets for the near 60,000 negatives.

Carole is widely known for her sensitive interpretation of Lee Miller’s work, producing a body of posthumous work of consistent excellence and technical quality. She has been responsible for printing the images provided for many of the Lee Miller book publications, print sales and major exhibitions mounted throughout the world.

One of the few people in the world to have witnessed and worked closely with Lee Miller’s original material, Carole’s connection to the images she has printed over the years for collectors and museums has been unique. Her dedication to Miller’s photography and understanding of her printing is a major contribution to the success and quality of the Lee Miller Archives today.

When describing her printing process in connection with Lee Miller’s photograph Portrait of Space, which is part of her curator’s choice editioned centenary box set Carole wrote:

“The first time I printed this image and even to this present day – a dream-like experience transpires. Watching the image appear in the developing tray, I feel drawn into the landscape through the torn fly-screen; I want to travel down the road by foot... – my curiosity urges me further on my own personal adventure.’

Carole’s departure from the Lee Miller Archives signals that now is the right time to close the darkroom at Farleys and cease to print new fine archival posthumous gelatin silver prints from Miller’s original negatives. It is a sad moment for the Lee Miller Archives to stop printing in the fundamental medium that Miller used but when Carole leaves however the Lee Miller Archives feel it is not appropriate to engage another estate printer.

We have a limited amount of fine archival prints by Carole in stock that we will sell to collectors and will continue with our editioned platinum prints that are produced by 31 Studio and our C-type prints made from digital negatives.The Lee Miller Archives have withdrawn much of their portfolios from other galleries but continues to be represented for Carole's fine prints by Clair Gallerie in France & Garmany and Offer Waterman in London.

The Lee Miller Archives have scheduled a great exhibitions program over the next few years and its online image library also continues to grow.

We are announcing Carole’s decision now as the Lee Miller Archives wish to use the remaining period that Carole is with us celebrate her and her contribution as an expression of our gratitude and how much we will miss her.

We are planning several events for 2017 that will highlight Carole’s part in the Archives:
•    Lee Miller, an exhibition of Lee Miller Archives Estate printed prints by Carole  Callow, Berlin, Germany at Hiltawsky Gallery - 17th March until 6th May 2017
•    Lee Miller Archives Print Room will be in Brighton at the Friends Meeting House as part of Brighton Artists Open Houses, 13th, 14th, 20th & 21st May 2017, Carole and Antony Penrose (Lee Miller’s son) will be doing short gallery talks at 1pm & 3pm on the Sundays 14th & 21st May.
•    Collectors evening at the Friends Meeting House, Brighton where Carole will present some of her fine prints that are not usually displayed. 19th May 2017
•    An exclusive Private View & Talk: backstage in the Lee Miller Archives – A talk and tour of the behind the scenes working of the Lee Miller Archives, its history and what it has become today. On the 24th June 2017, booking available from Farley House & Gallery.