EVENT - PLAY - The Angel & the Fiend - SHOREHAM WORDFEST

Lee Miller Self Portrait with headband, New York Studio, USA 1932The Angel and The Fiend - at Shoreham WordFest
A drama for five voices set to a constant stream of images.
Edited and devised by Antony Penrose

Under Lee Miller’s brave and beautiful exterior there lay a hidden torment which she expressed in these words;

'I was terribly, terribly pretty. I looked like an angel but I was a fiend inside'
Lee Miller

The Angel and the Fiend is a dramatised reading of words taken from original text or dialogue by the characters and set to images edited and written by Lee Miller's son Antony Penrose. This award winning drama has been performed widely in Britain and the US. Antony appears as himself and Lee Miller is played by her granddaughter Ami Bouhassane and the role of the Surrealist photographer Man Ray by James Leighton. Miller’s wartime buddy David E. Scherman is played by Jonathan Bailey and her husband Roland Penrose by David Burrough, who also directs the production.
The Angel and The Fiend has been performed widely in Britain and the USA where when performance by The Chance Theatre it won an award.

REVIEW from the last time it was presented in Brighton Fringe:
*****stars .....one of the most powerful pieces of theatre I have seen in a very long time, a remarkable trip down memory lane, enhanced by voices and pictures from the past. Absolutely incredible.....a tight, emotional and powerful piece, a beautiful collage of photos and memories.
Chris Hislop. Brighton Fringe Review, 7th May 2009

PERFORMANCE:15th October, 2.30pm at Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham

TICKETS are £10.00 each (no concessions)

AVAILABLE: On door or In advance through Shoreham Wordfest